I welcome you to the new site of The New Institute for Dynamic Positive Coaching Psychology (DPCP) and I’ll briefly tell you its story and my journey up to this place. You are invited to decide if this new domain can give value to what you are looking for. In my training and experience, I am a clinical psychologist, psycho-anthropologist, and life coach following the Dynamic Positive Coaching Psychology approach. For the last 40 years I have been working in the Ministry of Health as a therapist and supervisor, I directed a youth mental health clinic and worked in the academy and in private practice.

I worked with thousands of patients from many social groups: senior officers, executives, employees, ultra-orthodox Jews, Arabs, and young people looking for their way in life. From the beginning of my career as a therapist, I felt that the medical model, still prevailing today from Freud’s time is not suitable for the zeitgeist and needs adapted to our time.

Despite the tremendous progress that has taken place since Freud we still speak the language of syndromes, diagnosis, prognosis, patients, and have been educated to think about how to treat symptoms and heal the patient from his mental distress.

 Today, the individual seeking care (the careseeker; not “Patients” because the unique work that we do in our clinics is not curing ailments, nor are they “Clients,” as what we do is not a business),  is not looking just to alleviate his anxieties and difficulties but searching for an authentic and meaningful life. He wants to realize his strengths, his needs and values, and his unique personal potential and to get the most out of his life.

Nearly 20 years ago I came across the new field of life coaching. This field has evolved exponentially on the one hand but has also been widely criticized by professionals and the general public for a superficial approach to deep problems and the conditions of human existence. I thought that the liaison between the practical approach of coaching and the methodology and knowledge accumulated in the science of psychology over the last 100 years could be very fruitful. Since I served at that time as the chairman of the Israeli Psychotherapy Association, which was a very prestigious organization among professionals, I had no difficulty forming a team of psychologist lecturers with an affinity for coaching and started the first program in Israel at Tel Aviv University (which I thought was the first in the world until he heard that the late Prof. Anthony Grant had established at Sydney University an academic program two years earlier).

Following this “discovery” I searched and found that in London there was a group of highly qualified researchers devoted to this matter headed by Prof. Stephen Palmer. I joined this group that became later the International Society for Coaching Psychology with Prof. Palmer as president and today I serve there as a vice president. 

After several years at Tel Aviv University, I established the Israel Association and the Institute for Coaching Psychology which trained students and psychologists to become coaches in a psychological orientation in partnership with Bar Ilan University. In parallel, in the Dynamic Positive Coaching Psychology Institute, I supervised Ph.D. students in collaboration with Middlesex University in the UK. 

About the field of Dynamic Positive Coaching Psychology (DPCP), you can learn about it on this site and in Arnon’s new book, “The Mindful Brain”.

This approach based on neuroscience, psychology, and culture studies, offers the care-seeker a very practical toolbox, and a focused, short-term strategy to modify the dysfunctional paradigms that block his pathway to an authentic and meaningful life after releasing him from anxieties and other psychological distress.


While DPCP Institute functioned in collaboration with Bar Ilan and Middlesex universities to teach and train students for a certificate and Ph.D. in coaching psychology. In the new DPCP Institute, I focus on teaching, supervising, and researching in the field of DPCP with faculty members that will be recruited for specific tasks.







The Full Text of the Video

Hi, welcome to the site of Dynamic Positive Coaching Psychology (DPCP) (a video to be prepared by zoom)

We live in an amazing time which floods us with information and offers us more opportunities than any other period in history. However, at the same time, this period is also very confusing and makes us rethink our value system, and our way of life as parents, as partners, and as friends, at home and in the workplace. Today, life is more challenging than ever before, but at the same time it offers us more moments of new opportunities that might change our lives. . However, most people are afraid to take the crucial step to change and seize new opportunities. Moreover, they often fail to see these opportunities

Since the beginning of my career as a clinical psychologist about 40 years ago, I have always strived to reach the path that will enable effective change in the shortest time. People today are not fully satisfied only by relief from their distress. They often want to rethink and reevaluate their needs and values to enhance their life quality and self-fulfillment in our ever-changing world at an incredible pace.

Consequently, I developed the DPCP approach during the time I directed CP training programs at Tel Aviv and Bar Ilan Universities. DCPC is not just a way to see the glass half full or apply knowledge about desirable and positive behaviors. Natural selection has installed in our brains three main operating systems that guide our lives. These systems are the survival system which generates our coping mechanisms, the attachment system which generates our capacities of empathy and love, and the search/reward system which is the source of creativity, joy, and flow.

What blocks us from plunging into this source of bliss within us?

Throughout our life we develop maladaptive paradigms that become integrated into our personality and block our path to a joyful, authentic and meaningful life. You can read more about these paradigms on this site and in my new book, “The Mindful Brain”.

My clients come from all fields: business, academia, freelancing, and employment. Besides dealing with anxieties, or other distressing situations, the purpose of most of them is to develop high self-awareness of the possibilities that life can offer them. They are given tools to look at the past as a source of effective learning rather than a source of worries or remorse, to look at the future as an inexhaustible source of possibilities rather than a cause for anxiety due to uncertainties. In the here and now they learn to reactivate their sources of resilience and coping that have been within them since childhood, to enhance their strengths and potential for deeper attachment relationships and develop channels to realize their ability for a creative life of flow. I hope your visit to the site and reading the book will provide you with a deeper understanding of these topics.