Coaching in the DPCP approach

Good coaching can change your life. You are undecided, sitting on the fence or on a crossroad.You are not sure that your path in life is the one that expresses your strengths and core values. You want to move away from problems and move towards fulfilling your goals and desires. However, you are concerned about falling into the hands of an untrustworthy amateur. You want to rely on someone with wide, reliable clinical and coaching experience that will direct you in an approach that is tailored and designed for you. I’ll be glad to go with you on a common journey to realizing your wishes, dreams, and your vision


Are you a coach wanting to learn more about the psychological aspects of coaching or you are a psychologist interested in coaching?. You are in the right place.

Are you a coach or a psychologist, psychiatrist or in the helping professions and you want or need supervision for your interventions? My vast experience as a supervisor for psychologists and coaches could be helpful.


Do you wish to learn more about coaching psychology, positive psychology, and psychology in general? Are you eager to get your Ph.D.? Do you need supervision for your thesis? I work with U.K. and Swiss universities, ensuring your expertise can be presented as a doctoral thesis.

Workshops and lectures

Do you want to take a part in a workshop or host a lecture about the way we often get stuck with obsessive thoughts that make us suffer? Do you want to know how we can modify the growth-blocking paradigm that makes us suffer and end up restricted to a limited pathway that prevents our thriving? 

You have the power to change your mind and behavior. 

Are you bothered about your relationships, at work or in your family? Do you feel inadequate? Do you want to get the best out of your life, and  yourself, to thrive, and to get into a flow of success and self-accomplishment?

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