My vision as a Psychological coach

Read our students vision about Coaching Psychology. Ci-attached some feedback from our students who study for a Pre-Doctoral Seminar at Bar Illan University recognized by International Society for Coaching Psychology and academically validated by the university. The program is to prepare the students for advanced studies in Coaching Psychology and to provide them with a certificate of the university and CPA as qualified coaches in Coaching Psychology:

Ortal Nachmias

I think this program is practical supported by an amazing psychological model which certainly generates meaningful changes in the life of people. I come from the world of law so Coaching Psychology field was new to me. During the course I typed everything Prof. Levy said and when I reviewed the material during the practicum everything became very clear. Prof. Levy gave many examples from practice and explained everything in detail and very clearly. I can say that undoubtedly in both, theory and in practice, I feel prepared to begin a new career in the field of Coaching Psychology.

The practicum and supervision were excellent, I learned very fast how to manage and how to use the theoretical material and apply it into practice with my coaches.

The studying group was multicultural of interesting people coming from different backgrounds which created a spicy and interesting dialogue which enriched me personally and opened the horizons of my feelings and thinking.

Last Saturday I met on of my practicum coachees that finished her coaching two months ago and she said to me: “I want to tell you that even though we have completed the coaching the positive changes are still going on inside myself. I am so glad that you have been part of it. I really feel like I went through a tremendous process with myself. “

For me, it is enough that I changed the life of one person as if I changed the whole world.

Thank you Arnon for thinking out of the box and bringing in someone without a background in Coaching Psychology granting me with the possibility of beginning a new path and destination in my life.

Dov Peleg

This is a very unique program that opens a window into the internal world of human beings. The material was very interesting, compatible with a humanistic worldview. To me it was very enriching and provided me with the ability to understand much better human behaviors. The course and its contents are of universal meanings. This means that beyond cultures and boundaries anyone with a genuine interest in human nature should take this course.  The course has all the elements that allow those who want to become successful  life coaches by a coaching psychology perspective. I learned how to guide people toward life goals, and self actualization and to successfully deal with the challenges of their lives and of those around them.

The program introduced me to life dilemmas, success-blocking life paradigms, and clarified major theories of Psychology and other sciences in the right dose, for the purpose of understanding the internal processes that pass on human beings. The practical exercises were very good, very important and should be extended to be given more room and time in the next programs. The group training provided me with very valuable insights and I learned a lot about myself from the group processes. Also on this issue in my opinion there is room to expand and deepen the group process and to deepen insights. The course allowed me to conceptualize phenomena and experiences from many years of my life and career and understand it through different theoretical models.

The program was composed of people who come from different places, cultures and life experiences and was directed by a professor endowed with extremely high personal and professional skills which greatly enriched the learning experience and enabled diverse perspectives on life experiences.

My conclusion is that Coaching Psychology, as studied in the present program, although its complexity is very focused, short-term and practical. It unleashes inner strengths in the coachees enabling to define their deeply concealed vision and to change their life in a powerful and meaningful way.

The program was very enjoyable and I am grateful for the opportunity to be among the  students of Prof. Arnon Levy.

Victoria Frizis

The course material was very interesting and the course was exactly what I was expecting The course material enriched me in terms of knowledge and in a personal sense. One of the main goals of this course was to enrich the students and in my case that was very successful Practical practice was excellent. The group coaching contributed to me personally and in terms of team cohesion. I felt connected with the group. Professor Arnon Levy passed the material clearly. He has knowledge and he knows how to pass it on to the students. There was reference of the lecturer to the students and their applications. Professors Levy attitude toward me was the best.  The total contribution of the program to me personally and professionally was just excellent My total experiences from the course are really good. The Professor, the students, the material, my personal practice, everything was what I hoped for and even more. .

Yoni Yosha

The course material was very interesting, enriched my knowledge and helped my personal development to find my direction and meaning in my life. The practice was good but I recommend to add more practice. The group coaching contributed to me personally and contributed a great deal to the class. Prof. Levy Lectured in in a clear manner, and the his attitude towards the students and their requests was good both in the personal and the professional aspects. His attitude towards me was great and professional.

The program certainly enriched me and opened new horizons of practice in my clinic. The material is very interesting and I very much believe in this approach, so I would be happy if we were to deepen even more into the existentialist approach. All in all today at the end of my studies I am definitely pleased and definitely see me using the tools that I studied to enhance my practice in my clinic. I would be happy to pursue these studies and to get further details regarding the doctoral program.


The course material was very interesting, I fell in love again in the field of psychology The course enriched me in terms of knowledge and personally We touched on many areas, and deepened as needed The practical practice was good We learned a lot from each other’s experience and intelligence.
In addition, the group training has contributed to me personally and in terms of group cohesion The lecturer conveyed the material very clearly. Prof. Levy shows great proficiency in the areas studied and took care to patiently clarify each subject to each student. He is a very containing and patient. I received personal attention. Prof. Levy’s openness, focus and patience helped me learn a lot about the field and a lot about myself In the practical training I confronted myself, the environment was safe, and I learned a lot about myself on a personal level.

Ruth Bental

The Existential Coaching Psychology program at Bar Illan Universiity and the developmental complex system model, allowed me to get most practical, powerful tools to generate change within the coachee in a short period.

The Existential Coaching Psychology program can help anyone who wants to change and help others to believe in their abilities and improve their situation in life, and thus increase their awareness to develop and fulfill themselves, and realize goals and aspirations for better and happier life.

The program was a  challenging and fascinating experience for me as a coach. It helped me to pass personal empowerment, and practical and effective tools for internal learning and for creating change, awareness and acceptance of meaningful life and to help other people personally and professionally and for that I thank Prof. Arnon Levy, the program’s academic director.

Ariela Fishrung

I have encountered Coaching Psychology rather by chance, and was immediately intrigued by the possibilities it opens up. Daily living and the demands imposed by the routine of life, usually doesn’t leave a lot of extra time to contemplate and look at the challenges ahead of us. Coaching Psychology enables me to look at life’s challenges from a broader prospective, and to find out my vision of things. Articulating the vision is by itself a way to control and lead my life the way I want them to move, and not to be lead by circumstances. Looking from a perspective at my life, and the lives of the people I care about, is the finest challenge of a coache. I perceive it both as a skill and as a gift I was given through Coaching Psychology. Once you can look at your life goals from a wider perspective, and form your own vision, you can help others form their own vision. I see Coaching Psychology as an immensely potent tool to change people and their way of thinking about life. It allows human beings to take an active part in forming their own lives, and being a part of that change, facilitating it, is a great privilege for me.

Aviva Friedman

I wished since a long time to study and to expertise in an integrative psychological approach combining theoretical knowledge with extensive practical tools. I work in various fields of psychology for three decades and I witness to great changes have taken place in this areas. Today people who turn to Psychological help they do not necessarily have a mental disorders or difficulties functioning. Sometimes they are confused they have times of crisis or change. People need nowadays an expert listening and short term solutions. Currently, the era, in which we live, almost every person has to face, at least once or twice in his lifecycle, with fundamental questions about the extent to which he is happy? 

Does he self-fulfills his life? Is the practice where he works really suits his talents? Do the old psychological methods have answers to these questions? Coaching Psychology is an approach that incorporates all my needs. On one hand, a deep understanding of the old and new psychological theories, on the other hand the ability to implement fast , powerful and effective tools to solve human difficulties. Unlike regular coaching, in Psychological Coaching the coach has an important and active role. He is not a silent listener. Actively and skillfully able to help the trainee to discover his vast inner self knowledge to solve his own questions. I presume that within a decade will be a change of the existing psychological approach. The Clinical Psychology will applied only for people who suffer from mental diseases or mental disorders while most people will prefer to be treated by Psychological Coaching approach which helps in the Here and Now and in accordance to the coachee’s actual life cycle. I highly recommend studying Psychological Coaching to anyone who sees his future in one of the psychological therapy fields.

Gaya Ben Or

I would like to share with you an extraordinary experience, significant and empowering. Let’s begin with the fact that I came to these studies at the age 41, and for good reasons. Coaching Psychology is a fascinating field and creative for me and therefore incorporates the mind, and the spirit. Arrived out of curiosity and a strong intuition, I became enriched with new insights and tools, to see different angles and new interpretations for life. I nurtured my thinking outside the box, and became more communicative with my inner self and with others. I want to thank Prof. Levy and the professional staff in the program, Bravo !